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KWF grant together with Amsterdam UMC, NKI and UvA

12 January 2023

 We are happy to announce that Ellogon.AI has received a KWF grant together with the Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands Cancer Institute and University of Amsterdam. The research project will focus on the selection of gastric and esophageal cancer (GEC) patients for immunotherapy. With use of Artificial Intelligence, we will quantify well-known biomarkers and search for novel biomarkers which are characteristic for tumor-immune interactions, and analyse their spatial distribution and interdependance. In this way, new biomarker patterns can be identified that may predict successful immunotherapy treatment. The AI algorithms will be integrated in the clinical workflow during a pilot study and results will be correlated to immunotherapy response. An overview of the workflow of this project is shown in the figure below. 


Link to KWF grant (Dutch):