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EIDOS runs on UbiOps

29 December 2022

Hot off the press!

Working with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Ellogon.AI has developed a faster and more efficient method of determining whether a cancer patient may benefit from immunotherapy.

The tool used for this, EIDOS, is based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on UbiOps!

”On average, 45 out of 100 cancer patients are selected for immunotherapy. Only 15 of them actually benefit. This is regrettable, because it is an expensive therapy. What is even more important is that people who would have benefitted are currently not selected. We use AI to make that selection process more accurate.” @Robert Kuipers (CEO at Ellogon.AI) explains.

UbiOps is extremely proud to contribute to such valuable projects!


Both English and Dutch versions of the article available:

Medical breakthrough from Ellogon.AI runs on UbiOps platform

Medische doorbraak van Ellogon.AI draait op UbiOps-platform