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Yoni Schirris is a PhD candidate under the HISTO-AI project (2020-2024) which is a collaborative project between Ellogon.AI, the University of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands Cancer Institute. This project aims to develop deep learning methods to predict genomic and transcriptomic information directly from H&E WSIs which can be used as predictive biomarkers for immunotherapy. Yoni has an interdisciplinary background with a formal education in biomedical (neuro)science, economics, and artificial intelligence. With years of experience in operational and technical roles, he now wishes to bridge the gap between medical science, artificial intelligence, and its clinical implementation. He wishes to increase the life quality of cancer patients worldwide by developing simple-to-use AI-based diagnostic tests that require no expensive local infrastructure so that those patients can get access to the best possible therapy with the fewest side-effects. Such diagnostic automation can also reduce the burden on pathologists and doctors, humanizing medicine by allowing doctors to do what matters most: spending more time with patients and developing better treatments.