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Robert is a hands-on CEO with over 10 years of experience in leading and growing high-tech companies within healthcare. Translating innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) into added value solution for customers, closing commercial contracts with hospitals and building an organization around this is a key asset of Robert. Among his key achievements are securing over € 10 mio. dilutive and non-dilutive investment capital through road shows in Europe, Australia and Asia and preparing for an Independent Public Offering (IPO). Robert has also successfully realised an exit in one of the startup’s he has build.

Before becoming a CEO, Robert worked for 15 years for large Business/IT consulting firms. He became partner and was for 5 years responsible for leading multi-disciplinary teams of over 300 professionals. His biggest commercial win was closing a € 100 mio. deal with a large Utility company. His leadership style is characterized by focus on result, authenticity and success through development of others.