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Hugo Horlings is part of the Advisory Board of Ellogon.AI. Hugo is a Dutch certified pathologist at Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (2014). He is a surgical pathologist with broad diagnostic and molecular experience, internationally recognized author and translational researcher with an expertise and excellence in evaluation and implementation of novel diagnostic genetic technologies in pathology laboratories. He is principal investigator or co-investigator on multiple grants from the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). In 2014 he was awarded a translational and applied cancer research fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Society. During this fellowship he focused on identification of the genetic make-up of the tumor contributing to therapy resistance and poor prognosis of patients with breast and ovarian cancer. He worked at the University of British Columbia and Stanford University. This fellowship gave him opportunities to obtain extensive skills in the application of large- scale and high-throughput genomics technologies in clinical settings, which will be essential for a “molecular” pathologist to make precision medicine a reality. In 2019, he was recruited as clinical group leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and his lab focuses on developing computational pathology approaches to personalize cancer treatment. The Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, a dedicated comprehensive cancer institute which offers the best available research environment for cancer research in the Netherlands, with excellent research facilities and infrastructure.