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Prof. dr. Evangelos Kanoulas is co-founder of and Chief Operation Officer at Ellogon.AI. He leads the day-to-day administrative and operational functions towards the development and commercialisation of advanced AI algorithms. Outside Ellogon.AI, Evangelos Kanoulas is a full professor at the University of Amsterdam. He is lead of the Information Retrieval Lab at the Informatics Institute, while until recently he held a joint appointment with the Amsterdam Business School, researching ways that AI can make a real difference in society and business. Evangelos received the NWO VIDI grant 2017 and other national, European and industrial grants to research on AI algorithms that allow machines to understand human language and communicate with humans. He has extensive expertise in search engines, recommender systems and language technology, and his interest lies in building and evaluating human-machine intelligence. His drive and passion are in positioning AI systems in modern society to allow citizens to make fair, unbiased, and informed decisions.