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Dr. Efstratios Gavves is co-founder of and Chief Science Officer at Ellogon.AI. He leads the AI research and development effort and pioneered the design of the Exclusive Deep Learning technology. Outside Ellogon.AI, dr. Efstratios Gavves is an associate professor at the University of Amsterdam and an ELLIS Scholar. He is a director of the QUVA Deep Vision Lab with Qualcomm, and the POP-AART Lab with the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Elekta. Efstratios received the ERC Career Starting Grant 2020 and NWO VIDI grant 2020 to research on the Computational Learning of Time for spatiotemporal sequences and video. He has extensive expertise in computer vision and deep learning, and his interest lies in temporal machine learning and systems dynamics, efficient computer vision, and machine learning for oncology. His drive and passion are in understanding and recreating the unique ability of humans of learning. What does it mean to learn and to extrapolate? It is his firm belief that recreating intelligence algorithmically will pave the way towards not only better healthcare, but also a better and freer society.